Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Burial VS Cremation

Planning how to say good-bye to people we love is not an easy thing, whether you have lost a loved one or are making arrangements for your own farewell, There are two main options to consider after death, burial and cremation.

What cremation is: 
the body of the deceased is reduced to fragments of bone thru temperatures ranging from 1,500 F to 2,000 F degrees.  The actual cremation process takes from two to three hours with the time depending upon the weight of the individual.

Some people turn to cremation over burial or entombment because of the convenience, finding it more practical or cheaper to handle ashes instead of a body.

At this time, cremation is not allowed by the Orthodox Jews, the Islamic religion, Eastern Orthodox religion and some Fundamental Christian sects.

What a Burial is:
Process where a body is lowered into the earth’s soil in a casket, allowing the body to decay by a normal process.

The benefit of a burial is having a place to go to visit the departed provides solace to many loved ones.  A burial site provides a tangible link to the deceased.

For many people, the idea of a body slowly decomposing underground in a casket is undignified and even frightening. Cremation’s quick and clean disposal of a body is comforting to these people other people believe a burial as opposed to cremation demonstrates respect for the human body, they also believe that the body should be allowed to decay by a normal process instead of hastening which occurs during cremation.